National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Here at Creations by Camille & Co we are doing something
very special for the month on November.

A dear client of ours, Tracie Anderson, made us aware that her 3 and a half year old son just recently got diagnosed with Epilepsy. So for the whole month of November we are doing a special on PURPLE EXTENSION going for $5 a strand, and 100% of the proceeds are going to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ.

For more information visit:

" November is Epilepsy awareness month!!! Join a great cause and come get a purple hair extension in your hair to show your support!!! You probably know someone who has had a seizure or who has Epilepsy but would you know what to do if
you saw them having one?"- Tracie Anderson

Creations by Camille & Co. is donating all the proceeds to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ.
Call, make an appointment, and show your support!!

Creations by Camille
675 Bound Brook Rd
Middlesex, NJ, 08846

"We will be showing our support for our son Nicholas who is 3 and a half and was just diagnosed with Epilepsy recently and for Sarah Kaplan is freshman at MHS who also has Epilepsy. Please come support these great kids." - Tracie Anderson

Hope to see you all for the great cause!!

'Tis the season of sparkle

Creations by Camille & Co. wants you to join us for a night of,

Fragrance & Flawless Faces

Thursday, November 11th

Get Your Scent

No time to shop? No problem. Find that perfect fragrance and maybe a few gifts too! Just in time for the holidays, take a stroll through our gift giving area and maybe find your new favorite along the way!

Indulge Yourself

Known for their specialty of creating flawless faces, schedule an appointment and experience the world-renowned world of Laura Mercier.
** All who attend will receive a goody bag complements of Bridgewater Bloomingdales
Men's & Woman's Designer Fragrances and Laura Mercier Cosmetics.**

Call today and book you flawless face appointment 732.752.5050


As promised, today we are going to touch on our REDKEN shampoo and conditioners we now have for all our friend and family to enjoy!

Our REDKEN Shampoos/Conditioners:

  • Provides maximum color security
  • Fights the 4 causes of color change: environmental aggressors, water-attack, color-altering minerals, and poor cuticle condition
  • Leaves color treated hair smooth, manageable, and radiant
  • Detangles and protects
  • Helps shield, stabilize and secure color intensity
  • Provides a vibrant, shiny finish
  • Smoothes the cuticle surface
  • Cranberry Oil- Maximizes color vibrancy
  • Ceramide- Strengthens & secures exclusive Interbond Conditioning System
  • UVA & UVB Filters- Anti-fade protection
  • Fade Resist Complex Micro-Net- Color retention

Clear Moisture
  • Infuses hair with weightless moisture
  • Leaves hair replenished, light and shiny
  • Leaves hair nourished, airy and shiny
  • Helps restore, rebalance and retain the optimum level without adding weight
  • Gently cleanses and provides lightweight moisture
  • Detangles and helps replenish and rebalance moisture level
  • Glycerin- Provides a thin seal to lock-in and balance hair's moisture level
  • Apricot Oil- Helps condition and moisturize the outer cuticle eliminating fly-aways and leaving hair smoother and softer with reflective shine
  • Glucosamine- A lightweight, micro-sized moisturizing ingredient, penetrates the hair to help restore moisture

  • Wheat extract-provides a light textural effect that boosts volume, body and fullness
  • Cotton- Softens and detangles
  • Soy Protein- Strengthens and reinforces to help prevent breakage in fragile strands
  • 24hours of high impact volume and luscious lift
  • 2x more volume to fine or flat hair

  • Leaves hair sleek and sultry with luscious shine
  • Hair feels smooth and controlled with a vibrant, shiny finish
  • Repairs and transforms the texture of high maintenance hair
  • Nourishes, restores and reclaims control
  • Cationic Conditioners- Moisture & Nourishment
  • Protein/ Ceramide- Internal strength & repair
  • Shea Butter- Smoothing frizz control

  • Macadamia Oil- Helps nourish
  • Candelilla Wax- Helps smooth
  • Cationic Refiners- Frizz control
  • Enriches, tames and nourishes
  • Leaves hair ultra-smooth, shiny and controlled
  • Controls frizz
  • Leaves hair more manageable

  • Clear shampoo provides a rich lather that gently cleanses away impurities
  • Hair feels revitalized, airy, light and resilient
  • Lightweight conditioner instantly detangles while strengthening delicate, and fragile strands
  • Help restore elasticity for improved softness, spring, and elasticity
  • Intra-Cylane- Helps even porosty by filling gaps on the cuticle layer while also plumping fine or thin strands and providing structural reinforcement for improved resilience
  • Green Tea- Helps neutralize free radicals with antioxidant support
  • Peptides & Ceramide- Help strengthen the fiber and provide targeted repair to weakened or fragile areas
  • Camellia Oil- rebalances moisture and softens wiry strands
  • Cationic UV Filter- Provides progressive protection against age-accelerating environmental aggressors such as UV rays

Any questions about the products or for any appointment scheduling please contact:

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Redken Line Up

Here at Creations by Camille & Co. we are now carrying a variety of amazing REDKEN shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for all of you to enjoy!

So today we want to focus on our styling products.

Here is our line up:

  • AERATE 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse

    .::.adds featherweight body.::.UV filters help protect color treated hair.::.leaves you with an airy volumious look.::.
  • GUTS 10 Volume Spray Foam

.::.creates structure.::.provides a lasting, natural&flexiable feel.::.lifts roots or provide all over volume.::.has directional spray for percise application..::.

  • ALIGN 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
.::.for meduim hair.::.features anit-frizz technology.::.adds discipline & control for naturally straight results.::.

  • POWER TAME 16 Intense Straightening Balm

.::.for coarse hair.::.tames unruly textures and provides protection from humidity.::.helps protect heat damage.::.helps create lasting, pin-straight styles on coarse hair.::.

  • VINYL GLAM 02 Mega Shine Spray

.::.provides instant gloss and a glam finish.::.lightweight formula.::.non-aerosol, pymp spray for easy application.::.

  • WAX BLAST 10 High Impact Finishing Spray Wax
.::.spray-on perfectly undone texture.::.provides dense surface texture.::.sustained control and style manipulation.::.innovative wax adds body and dimension with a choppy, satin-matte finish.::.

  • WORKFORCE 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray

    .::.ultra-fast-drying, water-free formula.::.clean, brushable, touchable hold.::. anti-static, no-flaking, no-residue.::.can be layered to increase control and hold.::.features self-locking actuator for fine mist.::.

  • FORCEFUL 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray

.::.provides shape memory.::.24hour humidity resistance.::. 8hour control.::.provides lasting lift and control.::.

  • MATTE SPONGE 05 Rugged Texturizer
.::.adds separation with a roughed-up finish.::.unique sponge-inspired styler toughens up any look.::.

  • VELVET GELATINE 07 Cushioning Blow Dry Gel

.::ligh,airy gel melts and intergrates into hair for a soft velour-like finish with natural shine.::.creates volume, texture and shine.::.protects against humidity and frizz.::.

  • WOOL SHAKE 08 Gel-Slush Texturizer

.::.gel-slush adds extreme volume and texture.::.provides a diffused, unrefined, high fashion look, with a semi-matte topcoat.::.

(***Check back tomorrow for a list and discription of some of REDKEN's best and top selling shampoos***)

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Our Product Line Up!

Today we would like to touch back on our products we carry here.
In the last post we mentioned Redken, Deva Curl, Brazilian Blowout, and Keratin Complex by Coppola. What we didn't mention last time was that we also have Rusk and Joico products available for our clients as well.

So with that being said today we want to inform you about our Rusk DEEPSHINE Keratin Care products.


  • This line includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and oil
  • All three (shampoo,conditioner, and mask) are made for all hair types, sodium/sulfate-free and color-safe meaning this line is perfect for the keratin treatment and for anyone who feels their color fades to quickly.
  • Shampoo: keeps hair smooth and shiny, restore elasticity to weak and dry hair. It contains natural keratin, vitamins, and marine botanicals. All three elements work together to help prevent breakage add strength and protects hair during thermal styling aka blow drying, flat ironing, curling, etc.
  • Conditioner: replenishes moisture levels in all hair types and intensely nourishes weak, dull, and fragile hair. It restores vibrancy, elasticity, strength, and bright youthful shine
  • Mask: deep- penetrating treatment that gives you instant smooth, shiny, and silky hair. Although the effects and benefits are similar to the conditioner this product you leave on for 3-5 minutes at least 1 to 2 times a week depending on the state of your hair.
  • DeepShine Oil: eliminates frizz smooths cuticule improves hydration and elasticity. also helps protect hair during thermal styling.
Any questions feel free to contact us. 732.752.5050

Additional Information
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Hello World!!

Hello World and Welcome to our new blog!

We are extremely excited to be able to share our little salon world with all our friends, family, and clients!

Here at Creations by Camille we have an experienced and fun staff that caters to all your beauty needs! We pride ourselves on our dynamic personalities, professionalism, and most our all our perfection! We are a Redken ambassador salon, which means we use Redken color and carry Redken products. On top of that we are also a Brazilian Blowout Certified salon and we also carry Keratin Complex Smoothing Therpy by Coppola. And for our curly clients Creations carries the Deva Curl system.

For all of you that are looking for a something new, or even a total makeover we at Creations can take you to that level you are looking for with a variety of services we offer.

.::. Precision haircuts for Men & Women
.::. Hair Colour (single process, corrective colour, creative colour etc.)
.::. Foil Highligting
.::. Brazilian Blowout & Keratin Complex
.::. Formal Styling
.::. Human Hair Extension (compression, fusion, weaves, etc.)
.::. Permanent Waves
.::. Hair Relaxer
.::. Makeup & Airbrush Makeup
.::. Waxing

If you have any questions about our services or capabilities, feel free to call or e-mail us today.

Creations By Camille & Co
675 Bound Brook Rd
Middlesex, NJ, 08846